The CARAVANE- CLIMATE ART FUSION CARAVANE project is dedicated to enhancing the transnational creation and dissemination of European artistic endeavors. It strives to meet the objectives of Call “CREA CULT 2023-COOP” by championing sustainability through eco-conscious practices and promoting an understanding of sustainable development within cultural realms. Moreover, the initiative actively nurtures inclusivity by providing a collaborative space for a diverse array of artists, including those with disabilities and individuals from marginalized backgrounds, fostering mutual learning and cooperation.

CARAVANE, with a strong emphasis on fostering equality and social justice, endeavors to cultivate a nurturing environment where artists can not only advance their careers but also contribute to broader cultural exchanges and knowledge dissemination throughout Europe. Leveraging co-creation laboratories and a variety of interactive activities, the project encourages active participation from stakeholders across cultural and creative sectors, aligning seamlessly with the overarching goal of the call to bolster a wide spectrum of initiatives within these domains.

• Foster Equality and Social Justice: Emphasize creating an inclusive space where artists from diverse backgrounds can thrive, ensuring fair opportunities for career advancement and cultural representation.

  • Cultivate a Supportive Environment for Artists: Develop a nurturing community that supports artists in their career growth while encouraging them to engage in meaningful cultural exchanges.
  • Encourage Broad Cultural Exchanges and Knowledge Sharing: Facilitate extensive cross-cultural interactions and the dissemination of knowledge across Europe, enriching the cultural landscape.
  • Promote Co-Creation and Interactive Activities: Utilize co-creation laboratories and a range of interactive activities to foster collaboration and active participation among various stakeholders in the cultural and creative sectors.
  • Support a Broad Range of Initiatives in Cultural and Creative Sectors: Align with the objectives of the overarching call by bolstering initiatives that enhance the cultural and creative sectors, contributing to their sustainability and innovation.
  • Promote Sustainability through Eco-Conscious Practices: Establish co-creation laboratories that not only foster artistic collaboration but also emphasize sustainable practices and raise awareness about sustainable development within cultural contexts