The CARAVANE project is designed to foster growth and international collaboration through a series of strategic and methodological approaches:

  1. Snowball Effect: By supporting and mentoring local young artists in co-creation labs, CARAVANE aims to start with small, local successes that are expected to grow and expand internationally. This growth is supported by continuous communication among the labs and a network of artists across the project’s multinational consortium.
  2. Interactive and Participatory Approach: The project utilizes a participant-centered, bottom-up approach to boost local capacities for sustainable development. This involves interactive techniques like brainstorming, role plays, and group work, alongside methods for needs analysis and opportunity identification, to engage participants deeply in the collaborative process.
  3. Experiential Learning: Young participants will “learn by doing,” gaining hands-on experience in areas such as arts-related entrepreneurship and eco-friendly creative practices. This method allows them to reflect on and learn from their experiences and those shared by peers in other labs.
  4. Inclusion and Communication: Efforts to involve local youth include creating safe spaces for expression where every voice is heard and respected, fostering a unique perspective on their circumstances informed by both personal and shared experiences.

These methodologies will be applied across all aspects of the project, including training, co-creation, editing, and the distribution of artistic works, culminating in local and final festivals. The labs will operate with a mixed methodology, combining online and face-to-face interactions, with specifics tailored to each lab as detailed in the Work Package (WP) section.