The CARAVANE project is designed with specific objectives to enhance the cultural and creative landscape across Europe. The primary objective of the CARAVANE project is to furnish artists with essential resources and spaces that catalyze career advancement while fostering a robust network of cultural exchanges and knowledge sharing with fellow European artists.
This aim will be realized through the establishment of co-creation laboratories and a suite of planned activities. Thus, the overarching goal of the CARAVANE project is intricately aligned with the call’s objective: to endorse projects that engage a diverse array of participants from various cultural and creative sectors, facilitating a wide range of activities and initiatives.

The objectives of the project are as follows:

  1. To develop five (5) co-creation labs, focused on different art techniques and artistic fields, for young emerging artists in four European countries to create artworks through a co-creation and collaborative process.
  2. To connect these labs through a European Network of Artists to share good practices and knowledge, as well as to generate synergies.
  3. To work under the common topic of sustainability, increasing awareness and boosting climate action and sustainable initiatives, equity, social well-being, inclusion, and peace .
  4. To develop exchange journeys between the labs to encourage artistic collaborations, new perspectives, and knowledge about other social realities, develop new capacities and skills, and foster integration with the local communities and the European Network of Artists.
  5. To help young emerging artists to be more visible within the European artistic community.
  6. To increase awareness about the importance and impact of art to raise climate action, sustainability, social inclusion, and equality.